At Outside Concepts we certainly know outdoor blinds are a smart choice, but a Canberra household is feeling extra smart because they chose what must be the smartest outdoor blinds on the market.

The 5.5m outdoor blinds were installed recently by Outside Concepts Canberra branch, which specialises in designing and installing outdoor and café blinds for local people.

The Canberra family chose a Ziptrak outdoor blind, a track guided system that provides a sealed barrier at the edges to keep out dust,
wind, rain and insects, while keeping out heat in summer and locking in warmth in winter. While that’s certainly a smart feature of these Canberra outdoor blinds, it’s perhaps not the smartest.

The Canberra family also chose Suncreen Mesh for their outdoor blinds, which can come in a wide range of colours and transparencies.
The fabric blocks up to 99% of UV rays, 96% of wind and rain, is easy to maintain and provides a high degree of privacy during the day, while allowing those inside to see out. That’s also smart, but it’s still not perhaps the smartest feature of these outdoor blinds.

Perhaps the smartest feature of these Canberra outdoor blinds is that the family chose the option of SolarSmart™, which allows the
family to open and close the Ziptrak blinds using solar power. While in practical terms this means the family can operate the large outdoor blinds using a wireless remote control, from the comfort of their chairs, the main advantage of using solar power is that the blinds can be installed without hard-wiring and without an electrician, reducing installation time and labour cost.

It’s a green and environmentally-friendly solution that is designed in Australia and comes with a 5-year guarantee on the motor. During
installation, a small solar cell is installed, generally on the roof of the home or outdoor living area, which charges a battery system concealed in the pelmet of the outdoor blind that powers a DC motor.

It’s fair to say that the Canberra family is ecstatic with their smart choice.

“Tony installed two very large blinds on our HIA Award winning house. The quality of the blinds and Tony’s workmanship is second to none, his attention to detail was amazing and he is an absolute pleasure to deal with.  We would highly recommend Tony and Ziptrak blinds to anyone,” said the homeowners, Lynda & David Hughes.

Tony Cibiras, the manager of Outside Concepts in Canberra says he’s installed several outdoor blinds that have featured the SolarSmart™ system and all homeowners have been thrilled with the finished result.

A summary of why outdoor blinds are a smart choice in Canberra

  • Outdoor blinds allow you to control airflow, light and temperature.
  • Outdoor blinds protect you and your furniture from wind, rain, dust, glare and pesky insects.
  • Today’s outdoor blinds, particularly Ziptrak outdoor blinds, are easy and fast to operate. The Ziptrak system can be opened
    and closed (or partly closed) with a gentle push or pull of a hand or by remote.
  • Outdoor blinds can improve privacy in your outdoor living area or, indeed, your home.

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Canberra outdoor blinds are smart, but they can be even smarter than you might think.