What if we said there was a simple way to ward off the cold in winter in your home and the solution is just as good in the heat of summer? If your reply is ‘tell me more’, it’s time to call Outside Concepts in Canberra and get a quote to have roller shutters installed on your home.

Windows without roller shutters let in cold

Windows are terrific features of our homes. They let light in and, when opened, allow fresh air to flood the inside of our homes. However, when the cold sets in, they’re also a major source of heat loss. In fact, according to the Government’s YourHome website, up to 40% of a home’s heating energy can be lost through your windows.

In other words, in doesn’t matter how good your heating system is, if your windows are exposed a good portion of that heat is lost and is a waste of energy and costs. That’s fuel for thought and is why roller shutters can be such a good idea.

However, heat loss, comfort and energy bills aren’t the only things to consider if you are considering installing Canberra roller shutters. There are a variety of other reasons why roller shutters will improve your home.

Canberra roller shutter benefits

  • The other good thing about roller shutters in Canberra, is that they can be even more beneficial in summer. As we’ve seen, around 40% of your home’s heat is lost through windows in winter, but in summer the heat gain if much more, up to 87%. Imagine how comfortable all-year-round you’ll feel when you have roller shutters installed. Imagine how much you’ll save on your energy bills.
  • Roller shutters are available in a wide range of sizes, styles and colours, which means the experts at Outside Concepts in Canberra can match their high quality rollers shutters to any home.
  • Operating your Canberra roller shutters is easy. You have the choice of hand-operated, using a switch located on the inside wall or even remote control. Put it beside your TV remote and you’ll have comfort totally in control!
  • Roller shutters are excellent security devices for your home. Around 70% of home intruders target windows, so roller shutters are like your knight in shining armour, protecting you 24/7, when you’re home or when you’re away.
  • The insulated core of today’s modern roller shutters (i.e. the ones sold by Outside Concepts in Canberra) keep heat in during cold weather and out during hot conditions, and also reduce noise inside. This makes them ideal for bedrooms or when neighbours, barking dogs or noisy traffic are affecting your peace and quiet.

Roll up, roll up to Outside Concepts

Do you live in the Canberra area and surrounds? You’re in luck.

Outside Concepts Canberra Branch has been helping Australian families for a long time. Tony Cibiras and his team will provide you with a free, no obligation measurement and quote to add roller shutters to the windows of your Canberra home. Whether you want one roller shutter or enough to cover the entire home, you can be sure that you’re getting the very best quality and price with Tony and Outside Concepts.

Give Outside Concepts a call on 1800 601 674 or submit the contact form on Tony’s page. A more comfortable winter is closer than you think!

Life’s too short to compromise. Phone Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674 for a free quote.

Looking for more warmth this winter? Canberra roller shutters could be your saving grace.

Looking for more warmth this winter? Canberra roller shutters could be your saving grace.