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With COVID-19 restrictions in NSW allowing up to 20 visitors to your home and with spring weather here, there’s no better time to unlock the shackles and invite people around for a barbecue. But what if you don’t have an outside entertainment area at your Sydney home or it’s too small? That’s where your carport can come to the fore.

We’ve highlighted the potential of using your carport as an ad-hock entertainment in our blogs before. It’s a particularly smart idea in Sydney, where block sizes are generally small. This means you may have to limit the size of your outdoor living area, if you can have one at all. Certainly not great for entertaining, but if you have a carport the solution is staring you right in the face.

Simply park your car or cars on the road for a few hours, move in some outdoor furniture or even some furniture from inside, bring in your barbecue, and you have the makings of an excellent entertainment area.

Here are some things to consider if this idea appeals to you:

  • If there’s enough space in your Sydney carport, incorporate some storage for your furniture and a barbecue.
  • Speaking of furniture, you may want to consider investing in good quality folding chairs and a folding table. This will be a lot easier to store and move for the occasional party.
  • Same goes with the barbecue. While a large unit is all well and good, if you have to store it and move it regularly a smaller barbecue is likely to be better. Yes, this may limit how much you can cook at once, but this isn’t a significant imposition.
  • One of the biggest issues of using your Sydney carport as a part-time entertainment area is often privacy. To overcome this, you might want to enclose or screen one or more sides of your carport, however, if you’re looking for an even better solution consider outdoor blinds. These could be installed on all sides of your carport, even the opening, and can be opened and closed, quickly and easily, whenever you want.

Turning your Sydney carport into an ad-hoc entertainment area is a great idea for an existing carport, however, if you’re thinking of building a new carport it’s even better. That’s because you’ll be able to plan for the dual purpose during the design phase.

If space and your property layout allows, you may be able to make your carport a little bigger to incorporate more storage, locate your carport alongside the house to reduce privacy issues and allow easier access to your home, or make the roof space a little higher, to name a few considerations.

New carport in Lane Cove? Think Outside Concepts

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NOTE: While up to 20 visitors are allowed to visit your Sydney home at any one time, the NSW Chief Health Officer strongly recommends a COVID-Safe precautionary approach of having no more than 10 visitors at a time. Also, if there is someone in your home who is over 70 or has a pre-existing medical condition, you should limit the number of visitors.

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A new or existing Sydney carport isn’t just a great place to park your cars.
A new or existing Sydney carport isn’t just a great place to park your cars.