Question: How do you make sure your outside project fits in with your home?

Answer: There are a number of aspects to consider, such as the roof shape, materials used, decorative elements and, of course, colours. Complimentary or even completely different designs, materials and colours can be extremely effective, but if you’re looking for a perfect fit, matching elements is a sure winner.

Take this carport, in Miranda, NSW, for example. When the customers talked to Richard Narborough, our Branch Manager for the Sutherland Shire, they mentioned they wanted a two car long carport that fitted seamlessly with the home. Using the house as a blueprint, Richard, Andrew and his team met the customer’s requirements by using elements in the carport that are virtually identical to the house, such as the posts, decorative fretwork, end-fill and colours.

As the images show, if you walked past the house you’d be hard-pressed to notice that the carport hadn’t been built at the same time as the house… Apart from the new materials and paintwork, of course!

Richard, thank you for your professional service and installation of the carport. We are both pleased and proud of the workmanship Andrew facilitated throughout the installation. We are happy to recommend your company if and when requested. 
Thanking you again.

Regards, Wayne & Karen

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Carport by Outside Concepts