Any well-designed and built outdoor structure will add value to your Melbourne home. In some cases, many more thousands than your investment. However, when it comes to street appeal, adding a carport is a particularly smart investment.

Take the example of the carport on this page, built by Outside Concepts’ North Western & Western Suburbs branch in the Melbourne suburb of Coburg. The attractive timber carport provides instant street appeal to the property, meaning significant value has been added to the home.

Carport success all in the details

What makes the double carport work so well and provide wow factor is the attention to detail that has gone into the project. For example:

  • First and foremost, the carport is practical. It’s large enough for two cars and provides more than adequate protection from the elements.
  • Timber was chosen for the structure of the carport and for the weatherboard façade on both the front and back. This perfectly matches the home that the Melbourne carport sits alongside.
  • The main and trim paint colours used in the carport perfectly match the colours of the home.
  • While the home features tiles, Colorbond was predominantly used for the roofing material in the new carport. While this doesn’t match the home, it does a great job of complementing it and keeps the cost down. Tiled roofs generally cost more than Colorbond roofs.
  • A section of polycarbonate roofing was installed above a window of the home, to allow natural light to stream through.

The result is a carport that perfectly matches and complements the home. It’s changed the home from one you probably wouldn’t look at twice if driving or walking past, to one you’d admire again and again.

Carport provides lessons

What lessons can you learn from this project if you’re considering designing and building a new carport for your Melbourne home?

Whether your home is an older-style house, like this one in Coburg, or a modern or contemporary house, the main lesson in providing street appeal and wow factor is to match or complement your home. Choose aspects like materials, colours and other features carefully.

In some cases you can match, like the weatherboard façades and the colours in this Coburg carport. In some cases you can complement. However, you must always make sure the overall design of the carport is in keeping with your home and never clashes.

The other main lesson is that you don’t have to go all out in terms of expense. The use of Colorbond instead of tiles is a good example. A tiled carport would certainly have worked well, but it would have been an unnecessary expense. The Colorbond roof is perfectly adequate and complements the home well.

Outside Concepts for your new carport

There is one other lesson and that’s to get an experienced and professional team to help you. Which is where Outside Concepts comes to the fore.

If you live in the North Western or Western suburbs of Melbourne and would like a free and no-obligation chat, quote and design, call Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674. You can also submit the form on the branch page.

Find out about Outside Concepts’ 10-year structural warranty. Call us on 1800 601 674.

Looking for extra street appeal for your Melbourne home? Simply add a carport.

Looking for extra street appeal for your Melbourne home? Simply add a carport.