When David Buntin got the call to fix a front door that had virtually disappeared, he must have thought the caller was looking for Ghostbusters rather than Outside Concepts! But the branch owner from Melbourne’s Bayside suburbs took up the task and soon found it was something he could solve.

It might seem ridiculous, but it’s not unusual for homes to have front doors that are practically invisible to visitors. And such was the case for these homeowners in Melbourne’s Bayside area. Visitors were having trouble finding the front door and the homeowners wanted a solution that was practical, budget-conscious and inviting.

David’s simple solution was a small verandah that perfectly matched the colours and style of the house. The verandah not only frames the difficult-to-see front door, it also protects visitors from the weather. A small merbau deck and steps were also installed to complete the job. Fischer stainless steel decking screws were used instead of nails to secure the decking for increased attractiveness and long-term wear.

So, if you have a difficult outside issue that you can’t find a solution for, give Outside Concepts a call. The solution may be more simple and cheap than you think!

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