With only a handful of days to go to Christmas, it won’t be too long before you’ll be entertaining and relaxing with family and friends on this festive occasion, with an Australian Christmas lunch outdoors. Fingers crossed for nice weather so you can enjoy your day even more, by getting outside to eat, drink and be merry.

Here are a few tips from Outside Concepts to make the day even more special and enjoy your Australian Christmas lunch outdoors:

  • A bit tight for table space? Consider bringing your inside table outside.
  • It’s amazing what a big difference you can make to your outdoor area by tidying up the surrounds. Edge and mow the lawns, tidy up any straggly plants, get rid of any weeds and give the garden a good water so it will be looking its best.
  • A day or two before Christmas is the time to do the final clean. Sweep the deck or pavers, remove the cobwebs from the eaves, fences and other areas, and give your outdoor furniture a wipe-over.
  • You’ve probably decorated inside, but what about outside? You needn’t go to a great expense. A Christmas tablecloth (or a anything with white, red or green if you haven’t got one), a large bowl filled with baubles for the centrepiece and some candles will help bring your outdoor area to life. If your area isn’t protected, tea light candles in glasses will do the trick.
  • When you head to the grocery store for Christmas lunch supplies, consider getting some plastic plates and bowls. It will save you heaps of washing up and these days you have some nice options that virtually look like real crockery.
  • Don’t forget the Christmassy serviettes and bon-bons while you’re at the grocery store. The sillier the jokes the better!

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Enjoy your Australian Christmas lunch outdoors with some tips from Outside Concepts