There are only 4 weeks to Christmas, which is 28 days, 672 hours or 40,320 minutes! I guess what we’re trying to say is that time is running out, so to make sure you are ready to entertain and relax at Christmas, here are some tips for entertaining outdoors from Outside Concepts.

Top tips for entertaining outdoors at Christmas:

  • Australians are lucky enough to live in the Southern Hemisphere, where Christmas is generally warm and sunny. So make the most of it and plan to have your Christmas lunch or dinner outside.
  • To make your outdoor area more inviting, take a close look at your surrounding garden. If the garden is looking a bit bare, head to a nursery to find plants that will compliment your outside area and your house.
  • For a simple and quick improvement, grab some nice pots (perhaps some festive red or green ones), potting mix and potted colour annuals. Plant them now and they should be looking spectacular by Christmas. With pots, you have the added advantage of being able to move them around to where it suits you.
  • Another great idea to provide tranquillity and beauty in your outdoor area is to install a water feature. It doesn’t need to be elaborate or expensive – a medium-sized waterproof bowl with a small pump will do fine and most hardware stores will be ready with plans and advice to help you. Of course, if you do want something slightly larger and more exotic, there are a multitude of water features to choose from.

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Make sure you're ready for Christmas with these tips for entertaining outdoors from outdoor structure experts, Outside Concepts