As the festive season approaches, it’s a great time to consider how you want to celebrate the big day, or in fact any events leading up to or after Christmas. Do you want to be stuck inside or would you prefer to be lounging around in your Sydney verandah?

While the rest of the world may be dreaming of a white Christmas, in Sydney and the rest of Australia most people prefer to soak up the sun and celebrate on their verandahs. Let’s take a closer look at why Christmas and the verandah is about as Aussie as meat pies and kangaroos.

Embracing the great outdoors

With our warm climate, it’s no surprise that Australians love spending time outside. Our verandahs provide the perfect setting for enjoying the holiday season. Whether it’s a light brunch, a festive lunch or a relaxed dinner, the Sydney verandah becomes an extension of our living space, connecting us with nature.

From prawns on the barbie to sizzling steaks, our verandahs become outdoor kitchens during the holiday season. The tantalizing smell of barbecues wafting through the air, accompanied by refreshing beverages, creates a laid-back and casual atmosphere for family and friends to come together.

While enjoying Christmas on the verandah might not be essential, it has become an integral part of the Aussie holiday experience. It perfectly embodies our love for the outdoors, leisurely festivities, and making the most of our beautiful climate.

Preparing your Sydney verandah for the festive season

  1. Give your Sydney verandah a thorough clean by removing cobwebs, dust, dirt and grime. Then, just before your event, give everything a quick wipe down.
  2. Add some festive season decorations to your verandah. By all means go over-the-top if you want and be like Clark Griswold in Christmas Vacation. However, some tinsel, a string of fairy lights, candles and an outside Christmas tree may be all you need.
  3. Table decorations can take your dining area from drab to wow. So, grab a tablecloth, serviettes, bon-bons and nice cutlery and make your table a centrepiece.
  4. We certainly don’t need to worry about snow and below zero conditions, but it can get hot at Christmas time in Sydney. Shade is the number one priority to help lower the temperature and while most verandahs do have roofs, you could consider purchasing an umbrella or two to extend protection. Long-term, awnings and outdoor blinds are well worth investing in. Also think about cooling devices like portable or ceiling fans, misting systems or portable evaporative coolers.
  5. You want to enjoy your event as much as your guests, so plan your food carefully so you’re not cooking all the time. Salads that can be made ahead, foods that can be reheated in a microwave and cooking on a barbecue are some of the ways to increase your relaxation time.
  6. Similarly, for drinks, have an esky and ice outside to keep drinks cold. This will save you from having to head indoors regularly to top up.

Plan ahead for 2024 in your Sydney verandah

These tips have been brought to you by Brett Nitschke and his Sydney North Outside Concepts Branch.

Unfortunately, it is too late to design and build a new verandah for your Sydney home in time for this festive season. However, any time is a good time to consider adding a verandah. To get the process rolling, contact Brett and you’ll be able to enjoy relaxation and entertainment opportunities in your new outdoor area well before the weather turns cool.

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Spending Christmas in your Sydney verandah? It doesn’t get much more Aussie than that!
Spending Christmas in your Sydney verandah? It doesn’t get much more Aussie than that!