At the risk of being lumped in with the stores that display Christmas food and decorations when most people have just put their winter woollies away, the big day is only 10 weeks away! Yes, it may seem a bit early to be starting the reminders, but if you want to spend your Christmas day (and the summer) comfortable in your outdoor living area, this reminder may be perfect timing.

A new outdoor living area

It’s difficult to spend Christmas in your outdoor living area if you haven’t got one. So, if this is you and you do want to spend Christmas outside, there’s not a moment to waste.

In essence, Outside Concepts can often design and build a new outdoor living area – whether it be a pergola, patio, verandah or deck – pretty quickly. The big question is often whether the structure needs local planning and building approvals. If it does, you’re at the whim of your local council and, in some cases, other authorities.

Either way, Outside Concepts can help. Our local branches have knowledge of what types of construction are allowed and not allowed in your area and what will need planning approval and what won’t. Plus, we can help prepare for any applications to streamline the process. If your outdoor living area doesn’t need planning approval, we’ll provide a free design and quote and will get cracking as soon as possible once you give the go ahead.

Preparing your outdoor living area

If you have a good outdoor living area, it may simply be a matter of getting it ready for Christmas. Take a good look around, repair anything that’s required and give the entire area a really good clean.

Here are some other ideas to get your outdoor living area ready for Christmas and the summer:

  • If your outdoor area is lacking privacy, consider screening or outdoor blinds. Outside Concepts can help with great quality outdoor blinds at competitive prices.
  • If you have a timber deck, give it some tender loving care by applying a coat or two of oil.
  • Tidy up the garden surrounding the outdoor living area, to provide a more relaxing and comfortable environment.
  • Consider purchasing some pots and plant with your favourite shrubs or potted colour. Another great idea it to plant some herbs and vegetables that can be used in the kitchen or on the BBQ.
  • Consider updating your outside furniture and BBQ if they’re past their use by date.

Looking for a solution to your outdoor lifestyle this Christmas? Call us now for a free quote on 1800 601 674.

Get outside at Christmas into your outdoor living area.