There’s something magical about Christmas Day and it’s not just the presents, food and tipple or two. It’s the one day of the year when most of us can truly relax and enjoy time with family and friends and, at Outside Concepts, we reckon that’s best done outdoors.

How can you get the most out of Christmas Day while relaxing in your outdoor living area? Here are our Top 6 tips:

  1. It’s been a cool spring in many parts of the country, so you may not have spent much time in your outdoor living area. So now’s the time to get outside and give everything a closer inspection. Fix anything that needs fixing, replace anything that needs replacing, re-paint any faded or peeling paintwork or re-oil the deck. You’re outdoor living area will be looking a million dollars in no time.
  2. It’s hard to relax while sitting in a rickety outdoor chair that looks as though it’s going to collapse at any minute! Give your outside furniture a clean or consider replacing furniture that’s past its use-by-date. If the budget is tight, you might think about moving some of your inside furniture outside for Christmas Day.
  3. Give your outdoor living area a really good clean. Don’t just focus on the deck, paving and furniture. Make sure you remove any cobwebs, grime and dust from the roofline of your patio, pergola or verandah, as well as any fences and walls.
  4. Spruce up the garden surrounding your outdoor living area. Weed the garden, top up the mulch, replace any plants that have died and mow the lawn a day or two before the big day. If you haven’t got much of a garden or your thumb is far from green, consider purchasing some nice pots and plant them out with potted colour. All they’ll need is a regular water to survive for a few months – no green thumb required!
  5. What’s on the menu? Yes, you could spend hours inside preparing food but with a little thought and preparation you can minimise your time inside. Most roast meats need little attention or you might even consider roasting your turkey or pork on the BBQ. Combine this with salads made earlier and you’ll spend most of your day enjoying time with family and friends rather than slaving away in the kitchen.
  6. You’ve put decorations up inside the house, so why not decorate your outdoor living area? You don’t need to spend much time or money. Some simple Christmas lights, a Christmas tablecloth, colourful serviettes and bon-bons will get everyone in the festive season mood.

While it might not make the Top 6 we have one more big tip, particularly for those who don’t have an outdoor living area or who have one that’s seen better days. Get a new outdoor living area designed and built for you by Outside Concepts. It might be a bit late for this Christmas Day, but imagine the Christmases of the future you can enjoy!

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Enjoy Christmas in your outdoor living area