While it might be raining, cold and even snowing in many parts of the world, for us Aussies at Christmas it’s generally sunny, warm and gorgeous. So we reckon if you don’t venture outdoors to enjoy Christmas you must be either the Christmas Grinch or in desperate need of a new outdoor living area.

While we can’t help you with a new patio, verandah or pergola before this Christmas (well, it is only a week away!) here are our tips for getting ready to spend the big day outside, in whatever outdoor living area you have.

7 tips for spending Christmas outdoors

  1. A summer Christmas is great, but if the temperature rises too high you and your guests can start looking like a pav that’s been left in the sun for too long. Shade is the best way to reduce the heat and, of course, will also be a blessing if it rains. If you don’t have any shade in your outdoor living area, quick solutions can include marquees, tarpaulins and shade sails. You can also move any portable fans and other coolers you have outside to provide relief.
  2. A common concern is fitting everyone on tables and chairs, but rather than head to the nearest outdoor furniture store if your current furniture is lacking, why not simply move your inside table and chairs outside? You’ll save lots of money and will be more comfortable than if you rush out to buy cheap outdoor furniture.
  3. You’ve heard of a spring clean, but if you intend to spend Christmas outdoors then a Christmas clean is on the agenda. Sweeping, cleaning and wiping all the surfaces will suffice, but if you have a pressure cleaner you’ll do an even better job.
  4. Inviting surrounds are also important to create a pleasant setting for Christmas. Give your lawn a mow, weed the garden, top up the mulch and give the entire garden area a good water. You might even want to head to the local nursery for some potted colour for instant charm.
  5. You’ve probably decorated inside, so don’t forget the outside. Christmas tablecloths, serviettes, bon-bons, baubles and other decorations will work a treat plus, if you’re considering lingering until the night, some Christmas fairy lights or other night displays will be perfect.
  6. Think about what you’ll serve. Yes, roasts and all the trimmings are synonymous with Christmas, but you don’t want to spend all the time inside while your family and friends are outside. So, if you can’t cook it outside on the BBQ, consider foods you can cook ahead and either warm in the microwave or serve cold.
  7. Don’t forget to have plenty of sunscreen, insect repellent and cold beverages on hand.

From all the team at Outside Concepts, a Merry Christmas and best wishes for a safe and prosperous 2018!

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Christmas outdoors - what a great idea!.