With Easter fast approaching, it’s worth remembering that this long, long weekend is a great opportunity for doing projects around the home, including cleaning the exterior of a house. Imagine how good you can get your outdoor living area and the remainder of the exterior looking in 4 days? You might even be able to watch a footy game or two!

Cleaning the exterior of a house – tips from Outside Concepts:

  • A pressure washer is a great investment for cleaning the exterior of a house – and pretty good for cars too. If you don’t have one, a bucket filled with water and a little detergent, and a standard garden hose on the strongest setting will do the trick.
  • Put all smaller items, fragile objects and anything that won’t tolerate getting wet in a safe place.
  • Throw out or recycle anything that’s bringing down the appearance of your exterior.
  • When ready to get cracking, start by giving everything a good clean with water. Focus on your gutters, roof, eaves, fences, the exterior walls of your house and other hard surfaces. Simply removing dust, grime and cobwebs from these areas will lift the appearance significantly.
  • Give your exterior furniture and BBQ a good clean. Detergent and water will usually do the trick, however, if you have timber furniture you may consider a deck cleaner for an even better job.
  • If you have a timber deck, use a deck cleaner to remove all the grime and dirt. Cleaning the deck a few times a year is a great idea and will keep it looking its best between oils.
  • Speaking of timber decks and oils, if your deck hasn’t been oiled for some time, make sure you fit this job in over Easter. Even on larger timber decks, oiling is a relatively easy and quick job, and if you use a water based decking oil it will be ready to walk on the next day.
  • Once you have everything looking clean, inspect your outdoor structures and the exterior of the house for any issues. Look for issues such as roof tiles that may have moved, roofing sheets that have lifted, rotting timber, flaking paint, raised nail heads, etc. If it’s a simple job, fix it straight away.
  • Tidy up the garden by weeding, pruning, re-mulching and mowing.

Cleaning the exterior of a house isn’t very hard and before you know it you’ll be free to sit back, admire your handiwork and enjoy a BBQ with family and friends!

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Cleaning the exterior of a house will leave you with an outdoor living area you'll be proud to use.