If you’re considering adding a covered patio, verandah or deck to your home, think about the benefits of clear polycarbonate as a roofing solution. Then ask Richard van den Broek of Outside Concepts Sydney West. He’ll build you a well-considered solution; like this large and spacious deck in Springwood, orientated to capture the winter sun while utilising the large trees for summer shade.

Building with polycarbonate is a clever solution and being a modern and sophisticated product, it won’t craze, crack or deteriorate like the old fibreglass sheets of the past.

Many of our clients choose the tinted versions of the product which is available in colours such as Pearl grey, Bronze and Smoke and while these provide reduced heat transmission and added shade, if your deck or patio is orientated to avoid afternoon sun or if you live south of Sydney you may well benefit from using a clear polycarbonate. Additionally, if your deck is an elevated one it will likely pick up more breeze than if it’s at ground level. In situations like this, clear polycarbonate can be a perfect roofing solution.

Having a clear roof reminds us we are connected to the great outdoors and creates for us a micro climate much like the old English conservatories. Positioned correctly, a clear polycarbonate roof can direct light and warmth into your pergola or patio making it the perfect spot on cold Autumn afternoons and Winter mornings. The roof will protect your deck increasing its longevity, making it more liveable all year round and making it much easier the keep clean.

You can read more about the benefits of polycarbonate here.

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