For some Brisbane carport builders, challenges and obstacles can leave them in a sweat, while some run the other way! For Outside Concepts, however, we tackle complex project head on to turn homeowners’ visions into reality.

Take the case of this traditional double carport built for homeowners Graham and Deirdre recently. The carport was designed and built by Outside Concepts South Brisbane branch, ably led by franchise owner Brody Glasby.

While the brief was simple on paper – construct a double Brisbane carport to match the home – in practice the project was much more difficult. Challenges and issues included:

  • Incorrect boundaries that had to be overcome
  • Fence lines that were not square to the house
  • An existing narrow driveway that required access to the rear yard that had to be maintained
  • A Telstra communications pit
  • A sloping block
  • A desire by the homeowners for the carport to not dominate the street appeal.

While I’m sure you’ll agree that the new Brisbane carport looks great, most importantly the homeowners, Graham and Deirdre, are incredibly happy with the outcome.

“A quick letter of appreciation for the outstanding result of the double carport you constructed for my wife and me.

“As you know, the brief was to construct a double carport that accentuated the traditional style of our house. Together, you and Saul listened, and hit the brief perfectly. Your experience, knowledge, suggestions, craftmanship and attention to detail, gave us what we believe, is the perfect result, and we are very thankful and appreciative.

“This has been backed up by many comments from passers-by on how good it looks, one in particular said, ‘It fits so well it’s like the carport has always been there’.

“Again, thank you both very much.  Your communications and workmanship made for a very easy process and an excellent result.”

Perfect match Brisbane carport

We’re sure you’ll agree that the new Brisbane carport does look like it has always been there. That’s how well it matches in with the home. So, how do you design and build a new structure to create a perfect match?

Achieving the perfect match carport hinges on three crucial elements:

  1. Your existing home’s architectural style sets the tone for the carport. For instance, a sleek, modern house pairs seamlessly with a contemporary carport design, while a vintage-style home calls for a carport that mirrors its charm and character. Equally significant is matching the roof style, be it gable, hip, flat, or Dutch gable, ensuring harmony between your carport and home.
  2. Harmonizing materials between your house and carport is paramount. If your home boasts a rendered facade and tiled roof, opting for a rendered carport with a tiled roof ensures visual cohesion. Similarly, if your home features timber accents like posts and finials, integrating these elements into your carport’s design elevates its overall appeal.
  3. While seemingly obvious, last but not least is colour. While complementing colours can work, matching the colours used in your home will always create wow factor.

There is one other way of ensuring you perfectly match your new Brisbane carport with your home and it only relies on one element – a phone call to Outside Concepts!

Whether it’s a matching or a complementing carport you require, Outside Concepts are the premier Brisbane carport builders. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure your new carport meets your vision.

From concept to clean up, you can rely on us. Give Outside Concepts a call on 1800 601 674 to organise a free quote.

You might think the Brisbane carport featured on this page has been there as long as the home, but it’s brand new. Perfect match? You bet!
You might think the Brisbane carport featured on this page has been there as long as the home, but it’s brand new. Perfect match? You bet!