One of the buzz phrases of today is climate control and if you’re building a new outdoor living area or rejuvenating an old one, it’s something you should also consider. After all, spending more time outside in comfort is something most of us yearn for. One of the ways you can achieve greater control over the climate is by using insulated roof panels on your outdoor structure. These insulated roof panels generally feature a polystyrene core sandwiched between a steel roofing sheet and an attractive underside. Essentially, you get a roof, insulation and ceiling in one.

The insulated roof panels – and in fact there’s no reason why they can’t be used as a wall cladding as well – provide significant insulation benefits. In the summer, they will help keep your outdoor living area cooler and more comfortable, and also help keep heat from entering the inside of your house. In winter, they’ll help to keep the warmth from outdoor heaters inside your structure, where you need it most.

Aesthetics are also thought of, with a variety of roof and ceiling options to choose from, to allow you to customise the look to your liking.

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Insulated roof panels can help to keep your outdoor area cool