When you have an outdoor living area, such as a Melbourne patio, it’s likely you’ll want to invite guests around to entertain, but sometimes unwanted guests can ruin the party. So how can you control pests such as flies and mosquitos from sending you inside?

Here are some tips for keeping pests out of your Melbourne patio:

  • Design and install outdoor or café blinds. No need for chemicals, sprays and potions. A well-designed and fitted outdoor blind or set of blinds will keep most of the pests at bay. Give Outside Concepts a call to organise a quote.
  • Bug zappers attract insects to their ultraviolet light and you then hear the reassuring sound of a pest being electrocuted! However, the effectiveness of bug zappers in killing pests that bite or annoy you is somewhat questionable. In fact, there are some who say they kill more good insects than bad.
  • Citronella candles, torches and coils produce smoke and odour that can confuse mosquitoes. They’re only effective if you’re close to them, however, so you might need a few in your Melbourne patio if you’ve got several people to protect.
  • Automatic (or for that matter manual) sprays of insecticide can help to reduce pests that bite and pests that annoy, however, like bug zappers they also kill insects that are good for the environment.
  • Making sure mosquitoes can’t breed near your home by removing standing water. You can still have a water feature but just make sure you run the pump regularly.
  • It may be old-fashioned, but insect repellent is still one of the most effective ways of controlling pests. A sure fire way of havingagoodweekend!

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Well installed outdoor blinds, such as these installed by Outside Concepts, are one sure fire way of keeping pests out of your Melbourne patio.