If you’ve recently come back from a vacation in a tropical resort, you’ve probably daydreamed of being back on holiday, relaxing with a cocktail, surrounded by tropical plants and the sound of water. What if we said you could recreate the feel of a resort in your backyard? What if you could step into your outdoor living area and feel like you were on holidays again?

Outdoor living, resort style

If money was no object, you could whack in a pool, put up a stunning new patio and spend thousands on landscaping, but most of us don’t have that much cash to splash about. So, here are Outside Concept’s tips on how to create a tropical-style outdoor living resort without breaking the bank:

  • Think of the flow from the inside to the outside. It should be relatively seamless.
  • Consider updating your furniture. Plastic and old-style furniture generally doesn’t invoke a tropical feel. Think furniture that features materials such as timber, wicker, canvas and waterproof fabrics. A visit to your local hardware or outdoor living furniture store will soon have you inspired.
  • If space allows, have an outdoor living lounge suite or deck chairs to relax on, as well as a table and chairs for dining.
  • There are a myriad of other products you can add that will help you recreate the resort feel. Here we are talking about products such as garden statues (gnomes just won’t cut it!), decorative fence panels and privacy screens, and garden lighting.
  • A water feature of some kind is virtually a must. It doesn’t need to be large, although if you have the space and a few extra coins, a water wall or similar feature will be a great investment.
  • The plants you choose in the garden area surrounding your outdoor living room are very important. Think tropical plants, such as palms, ferns and bromeliads. Don’t be put off if you live in Adelaide, Melbourne or another non-tropical area. There are plenty of tropical-look plants that will be suitable for your environment and your local nursery can help.
  • For the final touches, don’t forget to add some cushions and ornaments.

Of course, if you don’t have an outdoor structure or your existing structure is lacking, the best place to start when creating a resort-style outdoor living area is by designing and building a new patio or pergola. Give Outside Concepts a call on 1800 601 674 and we’ll organise a time to discuss your project, and provide a free quote and design.

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An outdoor living area with a resort feel - it is possible anywhere in Australia.