If you’re looking for a way to stay warm this winter – and let’s face it, if you live in the southern states who isn’t! – then one option you should consider is PVC blinds for your outside living area.

PVC blinds are a wonderful addition to any living area, particularly if it captures the winter sun. They can be a much better option than installing a permanent sunroom, not only because they’ll cost you a fraction of the price, but they can be lowered and raised to suit the weather.

Canberra, in particular, is a great place for PVC blinds as it gets darn cold in winter but still enjoys many days of sunshine. Tony Cibiras from Outside Concepts Canberra Branch has a wealth of experience in installing PVC blinds to keep out the cold and he says the blinds come in a variety of styles. While the most economical are the rollup variety, which has zips along the side, you can also get the easy to use Ziptrak blinds. These blinds are terrific as they can be left fully up or fully down or anywhere in between, and feature sealed edges to stop them flapping about in the wind.

Whichever PVC blind you choose, if you have them installed by Outside Concepts you can be confident your blinds will give you years of hassle-free service. All our PVC blinds are manufactured by Pinz in Adelaide to the highest possible standards and can be made to suit any home.

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