A recent job in the Melbourne western suburbs has again highlighted that when it comes to designing and building carports, pergolas and other outdoor structures, Outside Concepts are custom-made professionals.

The homeowners of the beautiful, older-style home in Melbourne’s western suburbs wanted a single carport that would perfectly match their house. To do this, they decided to build the 4 metre by 6 metre carport using a timber structure and Colorbond roof.

While customised solutions are a speciality of Outside Concepts, Kose, our North Western & Western Branch Manager, went the extra yard to match the home. This included custom-making the decorative posts for the carport to match the posts in the verandah. It took some effort, but we’re sure you’ll agree that the work was worthwhile.

Other features used in the carport were designed to match the home’s features. Kose also organised the carport painting for the homeowners in colours again designed to match the home.

While the new carport was the crowning glory of the work on the Melbourne western suburbs home, other jobs were also carried out. This included a new balustrade on the home’s front verandah. This was to replace the old balustrade, which was looking its age, had missing pickets and had become a safety hazard.

Custom-made is what we do

Whether you’re having a carport built, as in the case of the above homeowners, or another outside structure, such as a pergola, timber deck or patio, providing custom-made solutions is what Outside Concepts does. We don’t do cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf structures. We build structures that suit you, your home, your space and your needs.

Let’s take a look at some of the major customisations that people make when using Outside Concepts:

  • Size is one of the most common customisations we make. Off-the-shelf solutions may sometimes work, but generally, people want to build carports, pergolas and other structures to the size they want. For example, the carport for our Melbourne western suburbs home on this page is slightly larger than required for a single carport to give the homeowners a little extra space.
  • When you use Outside Concepts, you can choose what materials you want to use. Timber or steel structure, Colorbond or tiled roof, a timber deck or paving, etc. The choices are entirely yours.
  • Most importantly, you can use a style that matches or complements your home. This means your carport, pergola, patio, or deck won’t just be practical, it will also have wow factor.
  • You can add other features that will help match your new structure with your home, such as the custom-made decorative posts featured in this blog.
  • Forget zinc or a handful of standard colours. When you build a custom-made structure, you can choose a wide range of colours to match or complement your home.

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If you need a new custom-made carport for your home in Melbourne’s western suburbs, or other parts of Australia, Outside Concepts is the team to turn to.
If you need a new custom-made carport for your home in Melbourne’s western suburbs or other parts of Australia, Outside Concepts is the team to turn to.