Not that long ago Melbourne people were satisfied if they had a verandah, pergola, patio or other outdoor area. These days, however, most of us want more. Instead of a simple patio, we want an outdoor living space to entertain and relax in style. We want an outdoor space to blur the lines between our home’s interior and exterior.

So, how can you create a patio that blends the indoors and outdoors? How do you create a pergola with pizazz or a verandah that’s in vogue?

6 tips for blending indoors and outdoors with a patio

  1. While you can design and build a Melbourne patio and locate it anywhere on your block, to blend the indoors and outdoors you really need to situate your new space alongside your home and preferably off your indoor living area.
  2. Bi-fold doors or a door system that disappears into the background helps erase the barrier between the indoors and outdoors. If the doors are top-hung or the track is recessed into the floor, even better. The wider the doors (or doors and windows) the better, to further blend the indoors and outdoors.
  3. Consider your choice of outdoor furniture carefully. Presuming you already have indoor furniture, choose your outdoor lounge and dining suite with this in mind. Using similar materials, textures and colours will help to make your new Melbourne patio look like an extension of the inside.
  4. When you build your patio, include a ceiling with your roof and have integrated lighting and possibly fans. This will mimic your indoor space and create a connected feel. You might consider a product that has the roof, insulation and ceiling in one, to help keep your spaces cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
  5. Use similar flooring materials outside as you have inside. With timber indoor flooring dominating indoors, this will probably mean a timber deck with a similar colour. Run the boards the same way as indoors to blur the transition. In addition, if you have rugs indoors, consider having an outdoor rug in your patio.
  6. Accessorise your Melbourne patio, in a similar way you do indoors. This may include items such as ambient lighting, potted plants, tea candles, throw rugs and cushions.

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Want a new patio for your Melbourne home that blends the indoors and outdoors? See our top 6 tips.
Want a new patio for your Melbourne home that blends the indoors and outdoors? See our top 6 tips.

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