Cottage entrance by Outside Concepts Bayside

Cottage entrance by Outside Concepts Bayside

The home owner of this cute little cottage wanted to renovate the main house entry. There was a tight budget and a request to keep it simple!

Outside Concepts Bayside listened and acted accordingly. They built a simple and economical verandah and landing deck with a timber balustrade.

Using treated pine for framing and balustrade is a cost effective decision and one which should provide at least 15 years of satisfactory performance. Having the foresight to roof the landing and deck area guarantee an extended life of the structure as will oiling or painting it. The decking timber is Merbau and is finished in a clear oil.

This project shows that Outside Concepts Bayside is prepared to listen and respond to your needs and can happily work within that framework. And in many cases, the outcomes will exceed your expectations, just as it did for the owners of this cottage.

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