Picture this: You have a lovely home on the Mornington Peninsula, with nice views of the natural surrounds and maybe, if you’re lucky, some bay or ocean glimpses. However, there’s something missing. When you go outside you step onto dirt, gravel or an old deck or terrace that’s nearly as old as you are. The solution: It’s time for a new Mornington Peninsula timber deck.

Not just any old timber deck, mind you. You want one that looks as good as it is practical, so here are our tips to make sure you get the best timber deck for your budget.

4 tips for the best Mornington Peninsula timber deck

  1. The first step is hardly exciting, but it is important, and that’s to know your council regulations. Not knowing the regulations thoroughly and ploughing ahead with your timber deck can cause a world of pain down the track. On the Mornington Peninsula, if you’re thinking of building a timber deck, important things to consider can include whether you live in a bushfire prone area and the height of the deck from the ground.
  2. When it comes to the design of the deck, one of the essentials is to make sure you allow enough space for you, your family, guests, outdoor furniture, your barbecue any other items you want on your timber deck. If you can, place your furniture, barbecue and other items on the ground where the timber deck will go and then walk around to ensure there is enough space.
  3. When it comes to choosing the timber for your Mornington Peninsula timber deck, there are quite a few more options than you might think. If you’re on a budget, treated pine can be your best choice. If budget is less of a concern, popular choices include merbau, spotted gum and blackbutt. One potential option is to match as closely as possible the colour of the timber flooring inside your home, as this helps to create the blend of indoors and outdoors that is very popular these days.
  4. If you want a deck with wow factor, consider extending your timber deck by adding items such as steps, seats, benches, a day bed, screens or planter boxes into your design.

Contact Outside Concepts on the Mornington Peninsula

The easiest way to ensure you have a Mornington Peninsula timber deck that looks as good as it is practical is to get Outside Concepts to do the job for you. We’re experts at designing and building customised timber decks for Australians and we can do everything for you. This includes helping with council and any other regulations you may need to follow.

As our Mornington branch manager, Phil Cassar, says, “Decks are very popular on the Mornington Peninsula, often positioned to take advantage of our great view. Much of our work involves adding, extending and renovating decks. Understanding the recent amendments to the Victorian fire regulations and the overarching national regulations are critical to this work.”

To contact Phil to organise a quote for your new timber deck, go to his Mornington branch page and submit a contact form or call Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674.

Looking for a solution to your outdoor lifestyle? Call us now for a free quote on 1800 601 674.

Take in the views with a new Mornington Peninsula timber deck.
Take in the views with a new Mornington Peninsula timber deck.