Decking SydneySydney decking for all styles of homes

There was a time that decking was predominantly used in older style homes, particularly homes made from timber. These days, however, timber decking can be elegantly incorporated into any home and particularly suits our Sydney environment and style.

While you will still see the traditional timber decking, often covered by a verandah or patio, the ways in which you can incorporate decking into your Sydney home are virtually only curbed by your imagination.

Do you have a pool in your Sydney home? Imagine using timber decking as a surround. It looks fantastic, enhances the tropical feel of your backyard and forms a beautiful edge for your pool. With regular maintenance – perhaps a yearly clean and bi-annual oiling – your decking will last as long as the pool!

Enjoy your barbecues? Creating multi-level decking that moulds around your barbecue – and perhaps an outdoor sink and fridge – creates an outdoor kitchen that many people desire today.

Multi-level decking is a stylish addition to any Sydney home, particularly modern style homes. Imagine how raised sections for pots (or perhaps seats or day beds), different levels for walking and even recessed areas around existing trees can add interest to your Sydney decking? Plus you’ll be creating an idyllic area for entertainment and relaxation.

Decking can even be incorporated into balconies and other above ground areas.

Tired of imagining and ready to start your decking? Contact the decking experts in Sydney, Outside Concepts. They’ve built hundreds of Sydney decks and can help you create a beautiful decking project at your home. Phone 1800 601 674 or go to our website (Decking Sydney) for more information.