Deck your patio with hardwood timber, fa la la la la, la la la la.

Apologies for the corny opening, but given the date we thought it was an appropriate starting paragraph for a post about Geelong timber decks. By the way, we also thought about putting softwood timber decks in there somewhere, but it just wouldn’t fit!

Now, let’s get a little serious. If you’re thinking about building a timber deck for your Geelong home you may be having trouble deciding on which timber to use for the decking boards. Essentially, it’s a race in two (although, as we’ll soon explain, there are more options than this) with a choice between hardwood and softwood. So, which timber is better for your Geelong timber deck?

Hardwood for your Geelong timber deck

Firstly, let’s take a look at what is the most popular choice, the hardwood timber deck. It’s the most popular simply because it’s generally considered to be the best looking choice. 

Contemplate the Merbau timber decking board. If hardwood is the most popular choice for your Geelong timber deck, then Merbau is the most popular of the hardwood varieties. Again, looks are a key reason. It has a lovely deep colour and is strong and durable. It’s hard enough to be a great decking timber but not so hard that it’s difficult to work with. Perhaps the only drawback of Merbau is that new timber ‘bleeds’ tannins. But this isn’t something you need to be overly concerned about as you can use commercial products to help remove the tannins.

However, Merbau isn’t your only choice. Other popular options include Eucalyptus species. They range in colour from light to dark, and are extremely durable and strong. If you like character, some Eucalyptus timbers have knots, but others are very clean and have little knots or imperfections.

Softwood for your Geelong timber deck

If budget is a key in your decision, then softwood is likely to be your best choice. That’s because a softwood Geelong timber deck is going to cost you less than a hardwood timber deck.

That’s doesn’t make it inferior, however. Softwood is also very strong and durable, particularly the treated timber decking that is most often used. Once laid, there are a variety of coatings you can choose that will help to protect your timber deck even further and make it look great. You can even make softwood look similar to a hardwood timber deck, by using stains.

The simple choice for your Geelong timber deck

One choice that’s easy is who to build your timber deck. Outside Concepts Geelong are the timber deck experts. Jaan McKenzie and his team have built hundreds of timber decks over the years and can make your deck practical and a thing of beauty.

Give Outside Concepts a call on 1800 601 674 and we’ll organise Jaan to visit at a day and time that’s convenient to you to discuss your deck and provide a free design and quote. 

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A timber deck in Geelong is a simple decision… Or is it?