If you own a home in Launceston, chances are you have plenty to do so your timber deck may not have received the loving attention it deserves for some time. So, this weekend, it’s time to get out the oil and the brushes and re-oil your Launceston timber deck. Don’t worry, it’s a lot easier and quicker than you might think!

Launceston timber deck re-oiling in three steps

In fact, it’s so easy to re-oil a timber deck that there are really only three steps:

  1. Clean your Launceston timber deck with water and detergent. There are commercial deck cleaning solutions, which are an excellent choice, otherwise use a floor cleaner or other detergent. Just remember to give it a good washdown with water after cleaning. A high-pressure sprayer is excellent if you have one, as it will have the strength to get rid of any gunk that may remain, but otherwise just give your deck a good wash with a garden hose.
  2. Allow your timber deck to dry. Probably doesn’t need a step of its own, but we thought two steps sounded too easy!
  3. Apply timber deck oil with an applicator, roller or large brush. You may need a smaller brush to do the edges. If your Launceston timber deck is in good condition one coat will probably do, however, if you haven’t oiled your deck for some time or it’s showing signs of deterioration, give it a second and possibly even a third coat.

Which oil should you use to protect your timber deck? First and foremost, make sure you choose an oil specifically for timber decking. If you haven’t got some oil in the shed, we’d recommend heading to your local hardware store to purchase a water-based oil. This is simply because the oil will dry quicker, allowing you to do extra coats or use your deck again in the one day. It’s also a little easier to clean your equipment.

New Launceston timber deck

If your old deck has seen better days or you need a new deck, then we also have some advice and it only requires one step. Contact Outside Concepts!

Outside Concepts branch in Launceston is owned and managed by Ray Heald and he services the city as well as the surrounding areas of the north of Tasmania. He’s lived in the Launceston area for well over 20 years so he knows the area well, which is pretty handy when it comes to dealing with any local council regulations that need to be followed.

Plus, when it comes to timber decks, he’s literally built hundreds of them. He can provide advice and expert design and building experience that will result in the best timber deck for you and your family. A deck that will become the focal point for relaxation and entertainment opportunities for many years to come.

Contact Ray today by phoning 1800 601 674 or submitting a form on his branch page.

Concept to clean up. Call Outside Concepts for a free quote on 1800 601 674.

Re-oil your Launceston timber deck this weekend. It’s easier than you may think.



Re-oil your Launceston timber deck this weekend. It’s easier than you may think.