While there’s nothing more delightful than a beautifully maintained timber deck, there’s nothing sadder than a deck that hasn’t received any maintenance since the new millennium ticked over. So, with summer on the way, it’s time to get your Brisbane deck shipshape, with these tips from Outside Concepts.

Tips to keep you Brisbane deck in good condition:

  • First of all, remove garden furniture, pot plants and other items and thoroughly inspect your deck. If your Brisbane deck is badly damaged or severely worn, you might want to consider ripping it up and starting again or relining your deck with new timber.
  • Fix any damage to your deck. Common issues include nails that have lifted and boards that are worn, broken or sagging.
  • Give your deck a thorough clean. Water and a stiff brush is OK but it’s a good idea to use a commercial cleaner designed for timber decks. These products will remove the grime that builds up and oxidation that occurs over time.
  • Once dry, then it’s time to apply a decking oil. Oiling a deck is really quite simple and requires no specialist skills. Just make sure you use a good quality oil. A deck applicator is fantastic for larger areas but you can use a brush, if you want, for small jobs.
  • When applying decking oil, apply along the entire length of your timber. Regularly check for any oil that may have pooled and back-brush if necessary.
  • For best results, apply two coats, letting the oil dry in-between. Then sit back and admire the results!

How often you should re-oil your Brisbane deck depends on a number of factors, in particular how much wear and tear it receives and exposure to the elements. However, if you can do it every year your deck will look great and will last for a long time… Perhaps even to the next millennium!

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Maintenance tips for your Brisbane deck by Outside Concepts