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One of the best things about Outside Concepts is that every branch is owned and operated by the franchisee. This means that every branch is motivated to do the best by their customers.

Outside Concepts provides free quotes. Read more about our tried-and-true process which speed up the scoping of your job on the right side of this page.

It’s easy to contact us—you can use the email contact form on the website or under one of our specific branch pages, otherwise give us a call on our Australia wide freecall number 1800 601 674.

We respond to your contact inquiry within 24 hours and make an appointment to come to your home to talk about your project.

Each branch owner has a portfolio to show you which describes the options in construction and choices of materials. In many cases the branch owner can explain details about rooflines, eaves and other construction details.

If you have photos, sketches, plans or even something torn from a magazine to show us, it can be really helpful in describing your ideas. We will then use that to design and customise your plan.

Custom design is one of our strengths.

Every Outside Concepts project is designed specifically to suit the style of your house, site, existing structures and most importantly, your budget. We work within your constraints to design and build an outdoor living solution for you.

Our experienced franchisees can provide design solutions which add that something extra and make your project stand out from the rest. Belonging to an Australia-wide company means that we share resources and expertise across the company and can provide solutions to design and construction difficulties that others have not thought of.

We are innovative, abreast of the trends and most of all committed to customer service and professional relationships. Read about some of our design stories on our blog.

Once you have accepted our reasonable and competitive quote and signed our contract, your local Outside Concepts branch owner will prepare the plans and requisite council applications. This can be a complex process so it’s one of the best reasons to use Outside Concepts.

Depending on where you live, local councils take between 5 and 12 weeks to process your application. Building work can only commence after full approval has been given.

Read more about this process on About us and on the FAQs page.

Outside Concepts only works with experienced builders. The combination of experienced builders, quality materials and our project management expertise means that your outdoor living project will be built according to regulation, quickly and efficiently.

You can find a list of our partners and suppliers on the Quality materials page. Details about our Licenses can be found on the Our guarantees page.

All building work brings with it a certain amount of disruption. There are materials which must be stored, machinery on-site and a certain amount of noise involved. If you have specific concerns about the construction phase, have a word with your local Outside Concepts branch owner—they’ll work with you to make the process as easy as possible.

And remember, we are the Outdoor Living Specialists and your partners throughout the process—from concept to clean-up.

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