Today we went to Design Build 2013 in Sydney. Design Build is an expo aimed at people in the building industry – it’s a kind of Home Show for Tradies! Packed to the rafters with stalls showcasing their wares, Outside Concepts Sydney West test drove new tools, discussed new materials with industry experts and looked at the very latest products for sustainable building.

One of our favourite products of the day was found at the Danpalon stall. We’ve talked about Danpalon before along with the other modern polycarbonates and their many uses in outdoor living. But Danpalon has released a new product called Controlite and we think its an industry winner!

Controlite is a new kind of polycarbonate panel. It consists of twin wall encasing a series of small louvres called RotaBlades. The beauty and ingenuity of the Controlite system is that as the sun passes overhead the blades rotate which gives effective sun block at the hottest time of the day and lets light in as the angle of the sun diminishes. They optimise light transmission when open and closed.

These clever little louvres – and they are quite discreet, perhaps 2cm in width – continuously adjust their position to achieve the right balance of light and comfort as determined by the user. Sensors are placed both inside and outside to detect the level of light in both areas. The intelligent system then balances light levels, solar heat, and shade to transmit uniformly diffused light and create a comfortable indoor environment. The user’s control panel and controllers (wall mount or remote control) are used to set the angle of the RotaBlades and the desired light levels.

And the best bit it that the guys at the Danpalon booth tell us that its retailing at about the price of the big names in roofing lourves. That makes it a sophisticated and affordable choice for your Outside Concepts pergola, patio or covered deck!

So if you want to transform your outdoor living area by using Controlite or any of the other great products we support, call Outside Concepts Sydney West today!