We’re an easy going bunch here at Outside Concepts, happy to work away without recognition or applause. But we’re also proud people, so when a little kudos does come our way, we’re very happy to receive it. Therefore, when a Brisbane carports client recently left a glowing testimonial, our chests did swell a little.

The testimonial came from a customer in the Brisbane suburb of The Gap, who had a carport designed and installed by our South Brisbane branch. He wrote:

“The carport has come up better than we imagined. The Outside Concept team were very transparent and stepped us through the design and build process. Always felt like we were part of the process. Thank you very much.”

And thanks very much for the testimonial, David. We’re sure you’ll enjoy many happy years’ use of your new carport.

What is a high end carport?

Our South Brisbane branch can design and build a new carport for you that you’ll also be totally satisfied with. Any carport you want – small or big, budget or luxurious. However, when it comes to carports the branch’s speciality is high end. What is a high end carport?

To explain, it’s perhaps easy to describe what it isn’t. It’s certainly not an off-the-shelf or kit style carport. These non-customisable carports often end up looking cheap, aren’t always practical and don’t usually match or complement the home.

So, a high end carport for your Brisbane home must be fully customisable, which is exactly what Outside Concepts does. Using Outside Concepts means you will always get the carport or other outdoor structure that meets your needs and your home, not a cookie-cutter imitation.

High end can mean more than just fully customised, though. For example, it could mean:

  • Using a tiled roof to match your home.
  • Using insulated roof panels, which look great and provide a good level of climate control.
  • If you have a modern home, a rendered flat roof carport with elements such as hidden guttering, downpipes and electrics.
  • For an older style home, such as a Queenslander, style elements such as a gable or Dutch gable roof, end fills, finials, decorative fretwork and frieze panels.

In short, a high end carport is one that will match or complement your home’s architecture perfectly. It will be one that is super stylish and will pack a punch with wow factor.

Are high end carports in Brisbane expensive?

Will a high end carport set you back a lot? Undoubtedly it will cost you more than an off-the-shelf carport. However, if you’re just thinking economics, the return when you sell your home will be much, much more.

Going high end needn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Like our other Outside Concepts branches, Brody Glasby and his team from our South Brisbane branch are experts at getting the most from your money. Our franchise buying power, fixed price guarantee, experience and knowledge mean our quotes are always extremely competitive.

To see for yourself how far your money can go, contact Brody by phoning Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674 or go to his branch page and submit a contact form.

Life’s too short to compromise. Phone Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674 for a free quote.

Whether you’re looking for a high end carport or something a little simpler, our South Brisbane branch can assist you.

Whether you’re looking for a high end carport or something a little simpler, our South Brisbane branch can assist you.