If you’re looking for a new outdoor area for your home and like things a little different, this project by Jaan McKenzie and his team from Outside Concept Geelong may prove an inspiration, with its dutch gable roof.

The beauty of a dutch gable roof

The new verandah adjoins the Geelong house and has a roof that’s eye-catching and beautiful. A dutch gable roof was chosen, to compliment the house and provide a wonderful focal point both inside and outside the verandah.

The other standout feature of the patio is the use of polycarbonate roofing material throughout. The decision was made to let more light into the structure and the adjoining inside rooms, which would have been relatively gloomy if a non-light emitting material had been used.

The clients are extremely pleased with the results and took the time to write a letter to thank Jaan:

“Jaan and his team displayed a high degree of innovation to integrate the new verandah into our existing home rafter arrangement, delivering us the design and layout that we wanted. The quality of the final erection result was excellent, especially considering the 3D cutting requirements of the dutch gable design. Overall an outstanding job.”

Outside Concepts builds great things, including outdoor structures with a dutch gable roof. Call now for a free Quote 1800 601 674.

Dutch gable roof verandah by Outside Concepts Geelong