With the first real taste of winter weather in the Essendon area of Melbourne, you could perhaps be forgiven for heading indoors and beginning the hibernation process. However, what if we said there’s a way to spend time in your pergola, verandah or patio, while being comfortable even in the coldest weather?

Read on for our top tips for keeping warm and comfortable in your Essendon pergola.

Top 7 tips for staying warm in your Essendon pergola

  1. One of the biggest killers on a cold day is the wind. To prevent the wind from entering your pergola, you could grow some plants, put up screening or install outdoor blinds. The beauty of the latter is that you can put them down when you want protection from the elements and keep them up when you don’t.
  2. Having a roof on your pergola is virtually a must during winter as it will keep the rain out of your Essendon outdoor living area. However, it can be a good idea to leave a section without a roof for those beautiful, sunny winter days.
  3. An economical solution to add heat to your Essendon pergola is to buy a gas patio heater. There are a range of styles and sizes you can purchase, from large freestanding ones to portable models that you can place on an outdoor table.
  4. If you’re willing to spend a bit more, a gas heater or heaters fixed to the outside of your home or to the roof of your pergola is a great choice. These are generally integrated with your mains gas supply, so you don’t need to worry about getting replacement gas bottles.
  5. Electric outdoor heaters are another option. Again, there are a variety of choices, from economical freestanding versions to more expensive ceiling or wall-mounted options. Both can be plugged into any outdoor powerpoint. For the ceiling or wall-mounted models, you will generally need an electrician to fit a powerpoint near where your heater is installed.
  6. Other potentially economical heating choices are wood and other combustible outdoor heating options. Fire pits and braziers, for example, are quite inexpensive and provide excellent heat and great ambience. That said, you can spend a lot of money on bigger options, such as an outdoor heater similar to one you’d install inside.
  7. Finally, you may want to install a gas fireplace. Like the outdoor wood heaters, these look and work in a similar way to the heaters and fireplaces on the inside of home. They look great, will do a marvellous job of keeping your Essendon pergola warm and are no fuss to operate.

Need a new pergola?

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There are ways to get outdoors and stay warm in your Essendon pergola this winter.
There are ways to get outdoors and stay warm in your Essendon pergola this winter.