If you’re thinking about building a verandah for your Melbourne home there are so many things to consider, and we’ll take a look at some of these below. However, there’s one thing more than any other that may dictate whether your new verandah is an unreserved success or a disappointment.

What is the one thing? We’ll get to that soon.

Important considerations when building a new verandah

  1. First and foremost is spend plenty of time in planning and design. In regards to planning, we’re not talking about council planning. Although this is important and needs to be ticked off for verandahs in most Melbourne areas, what we’re talking about is planning for your needs. This planning will answer all of the other important points set out below and will ultimately lead to the design, which will encapsulate the perfect verandah for you and your family.
  2. Consider what you will use your verandah for. Quiet relaxation by yourself, a couples retreat away from the family, a place for the family to relax and eat outside, an outdoor entertainment area?
  3. What style of verandah will suit your Melbourne home? Notice that we didn’t ask, what style do you want. While this is a consideration, it’s more important to design and build a verandah that will perfectly match or complement your home.
  4. How much money do you want to spend on your new verandah? Some people’s throats start constricting when talking about budget and the mere mention of the ‘c’ word, compromise. However, it’s a fact for most people that you can’t spend an unlimited amount of money. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t get a verandah that will adequately suit your needs, match your house and look great.
  5. The size of your backyard or the spot where you’d like your verandah is another important point. For some in Melbourne, particularly in the inner suburbs, space is a premium and a small verandah is all that can be built. While for others, with plenty of land, the space for a verandah is larger so the verandah can also be bigger.

Which leaves us with one other main consideration and that’s verandah size. It should come as no surprise as we’ve touched on it with the other points, but the size of your verandah will be paramount to its success. If it’s too small for your needs, you’ll be limited to how many people you can fit and it may look out of balance in a large space. If it’s too large, it won’t feel intimate and will overcrowd a small space.

If you do have a choice, after you’ve weighed up your backyard space and the budget, it’s perhaps best to err on the side of your new verandah being too large. You can then make different zones within your verandah to create balance and cater for all your needs.

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A new Melbourne verandah isn’t all about how big it is, but size does matter.
A new Melbourne verandah isn’t all about how big it is, but size does matter.