An Adelaide patio can be an attractive addition to any house, flat or unit and can add significant value to your home. But perhaps more importantly, a new patio will extend your living area and provide an outdoor living room that you’ll relax and entertain in for many years to come.

Plan your new Adelaide patio

Whether you have a large or small area to use, a patio is ideal for entertaining or simply relaxing while reading the weekend papers. A well designed and built patio will not only complement the style of your house but also match your entertainment and relaxation needs.

Here are some key considerations you should consider about when thinking about a new Adelaide patio:

  • One of the first things you need to consider is budget. While a patio will add value to your home, Outside Concepts understands the cost of the project is a major factor in the decision-making process. We’ve built thousands of outside structures over the years so we know ways to keep costs down. Just as importantly, we can build a patio that reduces maintenance in the future, therefore reducing ongoing costs.
  • Another choice is whether to attach your patio to your home or have it freestanding. The choice may depend on your home and where you want the patio placed (straight off the inside living area and near the kitchen is ideal) but also should take into consideration the weather and wind direction. An attached patio is generally the best option for an outdoor living area for year-round use.
  • Another key decision will be the material you choose for the structure of your patio. Hardwood is a beautiful product and long-lasting but if you’re after even longer-lasting and low maintenance, steel may be a better choice. Aluminium can also be considered and budget-wise is now a viable alternative. Ultimately, the style and materials of your house will be a factor in this decision as you want your new Adelaide patio to match or compliment your home.
  • Once you’ve decided on the material for your structure, you then need to consider the roof. Laserlite is a great choice in low light areas. Steel roofing panels are also popular choices, as are tiles, particularly if your home’s roof is tiled. Of course, you can also leave your patio uncovered or partly covered.

Call in the specialists

When it comes to designing and then building your new patio, to a budget you can afford, Outside Concepts are the specialists. We can even take care of all the paperwork required, including council plans.

Concept to clean up. Call Outside Concepts for a free quote on 1800 601 674.

A new Adelaide patio will be an attractive addition to your home and provide endless opportunities to entertain and relax