While it might be easy to forget at the moment, warmer weather isn’t that far away in Canberra and the ACT, which is why it’s worth considering getting outdoor blinds for your home.

Just like this family from Chisholm in the ACT did during a recent summer. With their verandah facing north north west, the heat inside their outdoor living area and the inside of their home was almost unbearable on hot afternoons.

The solution, designed and installed by our outdoor blinds specialists in Canberra, was a set of six manual Ziptrak outdoor blinds. Not only do the blinds perfectly match the verandah and home (the colour of the hardware and the fabric is Woodland Grey), they make a huge difference in the hot weather in keeping the sun out of the verandah. Which not only makes the verandah more comfortable, but also the home.

Another clever feature of these blinds is that they were installed under the verandah roof, not on the outside as is the most common placement. This meant there was no need for pelmets to be added to protect the blinds, with sections of flashing used instead. This helped reduce the cost of the outdoor blinds for the Canberra residents.

As mentioned, the outdoor blinds chosen were Ziptrak blinds, a patented, track-guided system that glides smoothly, allowing the blinds to be easily opened and closed. The other great feature of Ziptrak blinds is that they be stopped at any height.

The fabric chosen for the blinds is also smart. Called Outlook Mode shade mesh, it provides excellent shade characteristics without losing the view for those on the inside. The fabric also allows air to pass through, resulting in a cooler, more comfortable outdoor living area.

Outdoor blinds in Canberra a winter wonder 

While these Canberra householders wanted the outdoor blinds predominantly for hot conditions, it’s worth pointing out that blinds are also a big bonus during winter. They’ll keep warm air inside your outdoor living area and help keep cold winds and rain out.

If the cold weather is your prime concern – and let’s face it, it does get mighty cold in Canberra and the ACT – you might want to consider PVC café blinds. They’re specifically designed for cold weather, as they provide a solid barrier against cold winds and other elements. If you have some form of heating inside your outdoor living area, you’ll find you can spend time comfortably outside in practically any weather, at any time of day.

To boost this protection even more, you might want to go with the Rolls Royce of PVC café blinds, called dimensionally stable PVC café blinds (see the second image on this page). They remain taut from the day they’re installed, unlike traditional PVC blinds that get a little loose and wrinkly. Keeping the blinds taut doesn’t just look better, it helps to seal off your outdoor living area from the elements.

Canberra outdoor blinds

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Canberra outdoor blinds are a big bonus in the hot and cold weather.