These days it seems that most of us love our gadgets, whether it be the latest smartphone, smartwatch or kitchen product. Well, have you ever considered gadgets for your outdoor living area? There are a variety of items you can buy that are not just smart, but are designed to make being in your outdoor living area even more comfortable.

  • Heating – A heater will be an absolute bonus at this time of the year, the middle of winter, and also to take the chill off in spring and autumn. There are a variety of heating systems you can buy, from simple gas operated models to gas log fires that provide the same heat and charm as the inside models.
  • Cooling – While not required in most states during winter, in the warmer months you’ll certainly benefit from something to keep you cool. Like the heating, there are a variety of choices from a simple fan, up to evaporative coolers, air conditioners and misting systems.
  • Outdoor blinds – one of the great things about outdoor blinds is they’ll help keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Plus they’ll protect you from the elements. And today’s outdoor blinds can certainly be hi-tech, including blinds that you can control with a remote from your outdoor living room chair!
  • Wi-Fi – while the outdoor living area can be a sanctuary away from Facebook, Netflix and the like, if you can’t bear to be out of Wi-Fi reach you might need to beef up your modem range with a Wi-Fi extender.
  • TVs – Likewise, if you love your TV, you might consider mounting a TV in your outdoor living area. Don’t do this with your standard TV without protection, however, as it’s not designed to withstand the moisture, heat and elements. Purchase an outdoor TV or a TV enclose specifically designed for outdoor use.
  • Music – smartphones and tablets are great for storing music, but their speakers are somewhat weak, so a portable Bluetooth speaker will be an excellent investment. If you want something even better, you can purchase outdoor speakers that can be mounted in your outdoor living area.
  • Lighting – outdoor lighting can add ambience as well as improve security around your home. The ability for outdoor lights to come on and turn off at set times, or turn on at sunset for a predetermined number of hours, is practically old-school and it’s something that the average DIYer can achieve themselves.
  • BBQ thermometers – if you’ve ever burnt a steak on the barbecue you’ll love this! A thermometer that you can poke into your steak, roast or other meat and connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It will then tell you when your meat is cooked. How cool – or more correctly hot – is that?

There you have it. Enough gadgets to keep any hi-tech person happy in their outdoor living area, 365 days of the year.

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A bluetooth speaker is just one of the gadgets you can buy to make your outdoor living area more comfortable.