Are you tossing up between building a new Geelong pergola for the outdoor entertainment and relaxation opportunities it will provide now, or for the increased dollars it could add to a future sale of your home? Well, as a well-known Mexican food provider highlighted in a taco commercial, “Why can’t we have both?”

A new Geelong pergola now

A new Geelong pergola will make a terrific spot for outdoor living. For relaxing on a Sunday morning with a coffee or entertaining family and friends with a few drinks on a Saturday night. Your new pergola is likely to become a focal point of your home and will allow you to spend more time outside.

One of the common questions Outside Concepts gets asked about pergolas is whether to add a roof or not. Roofing your pergola will allow you to use the space more regularly, even when the elements aren’t cooperating, while leaving it without a roof will keep your pergola area light and let the sun shine in.

While the decision is yours, one option, particularly if your Geelong pergola is going to be reasonably large, is to partly roof your pergola. You’ll then have the best of both worlds.

A new Geelong pergola for investment

Building a new pergola for your Geelong home will likely add dollars to the future sale of your home. How much, of course, depends on a wide range of factors including the quality of the pergola you build and market conditions. But generally you will get your money back and quite often more.

That’s because a future buyer will likely want a comfortable and enticing outdoor living space to entertain or relax. When they walk through your Geelong home during their inspection, they’ll see your pergola and will imagine themselves lying back with a coffee or cold beverage in hand. Or they’ll picture the family and friends they can invite around on a gorgeous day.

The trick when building any outdoor structure with an eye on investment is not to overcapitalise. Spending $100,000 on a new pergola for a house that’s worth around $400,000 isn’t good financial sense. While this is an obvious example, in some cases balancing dollars spent versus likely returns can be difficult, which is where advice from a local expert can be worth its weight in gold.

Your local Geelong expert

Talking about local experts, meet yours in the Geelong area – Jaan McKenzie. Jaan is Outside Concepts’ branch manager in Geelong and services all of the area, including the Bellarine Peninsula and the Golden Plains Shire.

Being a local is a great advantage, because Jaan understands the Geelong and surrounding real estate markets. Being a local also helps when it comes to council regulations and can help speed up the planning permission process.

To get a free quote or design for a pergola for your Geelong home, give Outside Concepts a call on 1800 601 674. Alternatively, go to Jaan’s website page and submit a contact form.

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12 October 2020 OC blog alt
Tossing up between building a new Geelong pergola for entertainment and relaxation or for the increased dollars it could add to a future sale of your home? Why not have both?