In the last nearly 200 years in Geelong, the evolution of outdoor living spaces has seen the rise of pergolas as iconic architectural features. The history of pergolas in Geelong intertwines with the city’s journey through various architectural styles, reflecting both functionality and aesthetics.

Early Geelong pergolas

The history of pergolas in Geelong can be traced back to early architectural influences, where outdoor spaces were an integral part of residential and public structures. Inspired by Mediterranean designs, these open-air structures were characterised by simple frameworks supporting climbing plants, offering shade and respite from the sun.

Victorian Era and pergolas

The Victorian era brought forth a flourish of elegance and sophistication in Geelong’s architecture. This can be seen in buildings built during the era – for example, the Geelong Customs House, Geelong City Hall and the Gordon Institute of TAFE – and it also influenced the design of pergolas.

Geelong pergolas of the day were elaborate wrought iron or timber structures adorned with intricate detailing and ornate patterns. Such pergolas became prominent features in gardens and public spaces, symbolising status and refinement.

Modern revival and contemporary adaptations

With the advent of more modern architecture and design tastes, the concept of pergolas in Geelong underwent a revival. Striking a balance between form and function, contemporary pergolas integrated sleek designs, innovative materials and versatile layouts. This shift aligned with the city’s evolving lifestyle preferences, emphasising outdoor entertainment and relaxation.

Pergolas in Geelong today

Present-day Geelong boasts a diverse range of pergola styles, catering to varying tastes and preferences. From traditional timber pergolas that exude rustic charm to sleek and minimalist metal structures, the city showcases a fusion of classic and modern designs.

Future trends and innovations

As Geelong progresses into the future, what will the next pergolas have in store? Likely trends include more sustainable designs with the incorporation of eco-friendly materials, further use of smart technologies and integration of features such as lighting, heating and cooling.

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Pergolas have been helping Geelong people relax and entertain in the outdoors for nearly 200 years. Find out about the history of Geelong pergolas.
Pergolas have been helping Geelong people relax and entertain in the outdoors for nearly 200 years.