If you’re considering adding a new timber deck to your Geelong home and are looking for the ultimate guide, look no further. Our Outside Concepts Geelong branch has compiled this extensive guide that includes practically everything you’ll need to know about timber decking.

The only thing you’ll need to know after reading this guide is where to find the best Geelong timber deck builder. We’re got you covered for that too!

Timber choices for Geelong decks

When it comes to which timber to use, you’ve got two choices: Hardwood or softwood.

Many Geelong homeowners will prefer durable hardwoods like Merbau, Spotted Gum, or Blackbutt for their timber deck. Hardwood options are naturally strong and resist decay. But the key reason for its popularity is its appealing aesthetics. A hardwood timber deck would make a stunning addition to your home.

Softwood varieties like treated pine are your other option. Don’t think that softwood is soft wood, because it isn’t. In fact, it’s just as strong as hardwood and when it’s been treated, highly resistant to pests and rot. The key reason people choose softwood is that it’s a more affordable option. It can be left unsealed, however, you can also apply stain or paint.

Maintenance tips for Geelong timber decks

Geelong timber decks do require maintenance to maintain their durability and aesthetics. However, it’s not onerous.

A regular clean to remove debris, grime and dirt will help preserve your timber’s integrity. Then, every one to two years, if you have a hardwood deck, you should re-oil all the timber. This will help protect it and keep it looking brand new. If you have a softwood deck that’s been stained or painted, you only need to reapply when the old product wears.

Design inspirations tailored to Geelong

While any Geelong timber deck will look great, with a little thought and extra work, you can make your timber deck really stand out.

For example, instead of a simple square or rectangular deck, you might want to add two or more levels, round off part of your deck or add timber decking steps. You might also want to add features, like planter boxes, benches or screens made from timber decking.

In addition, once you’ve finished building your timber deck, put some effort into improving the surrounds. By adding a new or improving an old garden, adding pots and other greenery, you’ll be creating a harmonious, relaxing outdoor space.

More timber deck considerations

  • The Geelong City Council and surrounding councils adhere to building codes that may apply to any deck built in the area. Whether you need a building permit or not will depend on a range of factors, including the size of your deck, but you should always check before you begin.
  • Screws are preferred over nails for timber decking in Geelong. They offer superior holding power, reduce splitting, and provide easier removal if needed. Screws also withstand weathering better, ensuring a sturdier and longer-lasting deck in Geelong’s variable climate.
  • If you live in a bushfire prone area, you may still be able to build a timber deck, however, there are extra rules you need to follow. These include the decking timbers that you can use and the gaps between boards.

Your Geelong timber deck builder

When it comes to finding a Geelong timber deck builder, no consideration is needed. Just phone Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674. Geelong Branch manager Jaan McKenzie guarantees excellent customer service on every job, every step of the way.

Phone us to organise Jaan to visit your Geelong home. Alternatively, submit a contact form on Jaan’s page.

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Looking for the ultimate guide on Geelong timber decks? Here it is.
Looking for the ultimate guide on Geelong timber decks? Here it is.