A leading timber finishes supplier has labelled December as the best time to maintain your timber deck, but we reckon January is just as good, particularly if you’re lucky enough to have some time off work.

So, what’s involved in maintaining your timber deck? Believe us when we say it’s not very difficult and won’t take too long, and the benefits are big. Here are Outside Concepts’ tips, brought to you by our Geelong branch.

Maintain your Geelong deck in 5 easy steps

  1. Take your outdoor furniture, barbecue and any other items off your timber deck. It can be a good idea to trim any garden shrubs that may get in the way.
  2. Next, give your deck a good clean. Start with sweeping or blowing all the debris off your deck, hose it down, and then use a cleaning solution (a deck cleaning solution is best) to remove all dirt and grime.
  3. Allow your deck to fully dry.
  4. Treat your deck with two coats of decking oil or stain. Water-based is best as you’ll be able to do the two coats in a day. Apply with an applicator, roller or brush.
  5. Allow to fully dry before putting your furniture and other items back in place. Ideally, wait until the next day to do this.

Maintaining your deck is an easy job and even a large one can be completed in a day. Ideally, you should do this job every 12 months, to prevent cracking, splitting and greying of your decking boards and to keep your Geelong deck looking its best.

Geelong timber deck a great choice

The ease of maintaining a timber deck and its beautiful appearance, are just two of the reasons why we say timber is the best choice for the flooring of your outdoor living area.

Here are some other reasons to choose a timber deck for your patio, verandah or pergola:

  • With a little care, a deck will give you many years – and likely decades – of trouble-free use. Timber decking is tough, durable and long-lasting.
  • A deck makes even more sense if you have a sloping block or an elevation.
  • There are a variety of timbers you can choose, including Merbau, Australian hardwoods and, particularly if you’re on a budget, treated pine.
  • A timber deck on its own looks fantastic, however, you can go further by adding features such as screens, bench seating and planter boxes made using timber decking.
  • A timber deck will give your outdoor living area the ‘natural’ look that more and more people want.

Need a new timber deck in Geelong? Outside Concepts is the natural choice

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January is a perfect month to give your Geelong timber deck a little tender loving care.
January is a perfect month to give your Geelong timber deck a little tender loving care.