While not everyone in Geelong barracks for the AFL Cats, there are a lot that do. So, there’s been a lot of celebrating going on in the city of late. And what better place to celebrate than in your Geelong verandah…  Unless of course you don’t have one!

If your home needs a verandah or other outdoor space to help you celebrate Geelong’s next big win with friends or family, or simply to relax outside, see Outside Concepts’ top tips for planning for a verandah.

5 steps to a new Geelong verandah

  1. When it comes to verandahs and other outdoor structures, there are many different types of styles you can choose, but not all will suit your home. So, our first tip is to take a good look at the outside of your home. Is it modern or contemporary, or it is an older style of home that’s full of character. A verandah that perfectly matches or complements your Geelong home will always be a winner.
  1. Consider your needs. If you want a veranda to relax by yourself or with your partner, a smaller structure will do. However, if you’re looking to entertain family and friends regularly, you’ll want something larger. You should also consider what you want to go under your verandah, in other words your outdoor furniture, barbecue and any other items. You’ll want enough space for your items without feeling cramped.
  2. What materials do you want your verandah to be built from? For example, timber or steel for the structure? Colorbond or tiles for the roof? Again, look at your home for inspiration and match where possible. However, also consider aspects such as maintenance. If virtually zero-maintenance is your goal, then a steel structure, for example, will be a smart choice.
  3. Granted, most verandahs do have roofs but whether you roof or not is entirely up to you. Again, your needs will often dictate what’s best. If you want a space you can use all-year-round even when the weather isn’t the best, then having a roof will be a must. You could also look at products such as awnings, retractable roofs and louvered roofs to provide flexibility.
  4. Get your local planning requirements started as early as possible. While not all verandahs require permits – size, height, and proximity to the boundary of your property are the main determining factors – it’s best to investigate this early as it can hold up a project for many weeks.

Build a verandah for your Geelong home in one step

If you would prefer to build a new verandah for your Geelong home in one step, we’ve got some great news for you. All you need do is phone Outside Concepts and we will look after the rest.

We’ll make a time to sit down with you to consider the style, size, materials, roofing and local council requirements for your verandah. After this, we’ll provide a draft design and quote, and once you go ahead we can look after the rest. Verandah in one step – it’s that easy!

In Geelong, Jaan McKenzie is the local branch manager and he covers all the city, as well as the Bellarine Peninsula to the south west, Little River to the east and the Golden Plains Shire to the north west.

Phone 1800 601 674 or submit the contact form on Jaan’s page to get the process started.

Concept to clean up. Call Outside Concepts for a free quote on 1800 601 674.

You can design and build a new verandah for your Geelong home in five steps or one. The choice is yours!
You can design and build a new verandah for your Geelong home in five steps or one. The choice is yours!