If you have a modern house and are considering adding a new Brisbane carport to match, there’s a fair chance that a rendered carport will suit your needs.

With so many new houses now featuring rendered walls, it’s logical to consider building a Brisbane carport with rendering. It will not only provide a carport that is clean and stylish, but one that will perfectly match the style of your house.

How is a rendered Brisbane carport created?

The rendered effect is achieved by the use of a boxed-in frame around the carport’s structural posts. The frame is then covered with blueboard sheets and rendered, before finishing with that same paint colour that’s used on your house or, if you prefer, a colour that compliments. Add in options such as a plaster ceiling, downlights and a roof that matches your house and you’ll have a carport that not only keeps the sun and rain off your car but also looks great.

Another great feature of a rendered carport is that the boxing creates a potential hiding space for guttering, downpipes and electrical wiring, further accentuating the clean, stylish look.

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A rendered Brisbane carport is a stylish, modern look.