Here at Outside Concepts we have a very simple saying about pergolas: Every home needs one! And that’s certainly true of homes in the nation’s capital, where a Canberra pergola is a must and will add value to your home now and into the future.

Firstly, let’s get rid of an old misconception. Traditionally a pergola was a free-standing, open-roofed outdoor structure, often with a deciduous climber growing over it to provide shade in the summer and let the sun through in winter. A generally budget-friendly, beautiful and practical addition to a home.

However, nowadays, a pergola can be attached to a house and can include a roof, which is pretty handy in a city like Canberra, where the sun can be scorching in summer and we get an average of over 100 days of rain each year. The versatility of a pergola is one of its major advantages. Yes, of course, you can still build a pergola that is free-standing and open-roofed. If you already have an outdoor space with coverage from the elements this can be a great choice, as it will provide an outdoor area that is perfect for the many comfortable days Canberra enjoys.

Otherwise, the choice is yours and will depend on your needs, existing structures and budget. A pergola that is free-standing or attached to the house? A pergola that has no roof, a full roof or part-roof? Plus there are a myriad of roofing choices that you can make.

Custom design for your Canberra pergola

When you’re ready to build your Canberra pergola, Outside Concepts is ready to help. Our Canberra branch will come to you to discuss your needs and provide a free quote and custom design. Plus we’ll also provide advice to make the variety of decisions you need to make easy.

After all, it’s what we’ve been doing for Australians for more than 20 years!

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• Want a traditional Canberra pergola, that’s free-standing and open-roofed? You’ve come to the right place. Plus Outside Concepts designs and builds non-traditional Canberra pergolas too.