The verandah is about as Aussie as meat pies and kangaroos… Or is it?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, while there is some school of thought that the word verandah comes from Portugal or Spain (in modern Spanish the terms used are baranda or barandilla), its origins are in fact Indian. The literal and original meaning of verandah is a place that leads outside. In recent centuries the term has simply meant a covered room that is outdoors.

So, what’ the difference between a verandah, a pergola and a patio?

If you’ve been following our blog you will have recently seen posts on the pergola and the patio. Now it is the turn of the verandah.

Unlike a pergola and a patio, which are generally spacious and have room for tables, chairs, a barbecue and other outdoor furniture, a verandah is usually long and narrow. It’s always positioned against the house – and may often wrap around the house – and almost always features a roof. You may find a small table and chairs, or a seat, stool or bench to sit down on, but a verandah is not the large outdoor living area that most of us have come to expect and desire.

While us Australians may not have invented the term verandah, we’ve certainly taken to it very well indeed. The verandah was common even in colonial times, particularly in Queensland where every ‘Queenslander’ soon had a verandah on all sides of the house. Verandahs are fantastic for sitting down to relax and watch the world go by, for enjoying a cuppa or cold beverage, to take off your wet or dirty shoes on a rainy day, or a spot to put a bed or doghouse for your pooch.

Now, we’re a pretty liberal bunch here at Outside Concepts, so if you want to have a verandah, patio or pergola built for your home, we reckon you can call your new outdoor structure whatever you want. Just make sure you call us first!

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