If you live in an older style house and you’re thinking of installing a verandah, the Adelaide bullnose verandah is a great option to consider.

The origins of the bullnose verandah can be traced back to the Victorian Period, between 1840 and 1890, and they’ve been popular ever since. With corrugated sheeting for the roof and often combined with cast-iron lacework, bullnose verandahs were aesthetically pleasing. They also performed a great job of keeping the elements out… And provided a dry place to put the work boots and a bed for the kelpie!

While many things have changed over the past 120 years, no less so in the building game, bullnose verandahs are still one of the most beautiful styles of verandahs you can install on your home. While many now feature Colorbond roofing sheets, which are available in a wide range of colours, you’ll still find lacework used with many bullnose verandahs. And while we’re more likely to be looking for protection for the barbecue and outdoor furniture, the bullnose verandah still does a great job of keeping the sun and rain out.

Considering an Adelaide bullnose verandah? Consider Outside Concepts

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An Adelaide bullnose verandah is a practical as it is good looking.