If you haven’t re-oiled your timber deck for a year or more, it’s time to set aside some time and get ready some work. But don’t worry, re-oiling a timber deck is easier than you probably think and the results are certainly worth it.

Why re-oil every 12 months?

There are two main reasons why re-oiling your deck is best thought of as an annual task.

Firstly and most importantly, re-oiling regularly ensures your deck is protected. It’s best to re-oil before any deterioration of the timber and the coating. Integrain, one of the manufacturers of decking protection products that you’re likely to see on the shelf, says first indication of the need for recoating will be seen as patchiness or discolouration on edges and other areas of the timber deck.

Secondly, if you re-oil your timber deck regularly, it will look virtually like new. There’s really nothing to compare to the look of a freshly oiled deck!

Which oil to use?

In fact, this question should be which product should I use. While oil is a common choice, so is stain. While there are other differences, the main one is that you would use a stain if you want to change the colour of your timber. Generally, if you’ve got a merbau or other hardwood deck, you’ll probably choose oil; if you have a softwood deck you’ll probably choose stain.

To make it easier to re-apply, choose a water based product, as it will be quicker drying and you’ll generally be able to use your deck on the same day as applying.

How to re-oil a timber deck – step by step

  • Clean your timber deck with water and detergent or, preferably, use a commercial deck cleaning solution. Always give the deck a good wash after cleaning, with a high-pressure sprayer or garden hose, to remove all traces of the detergent or cleaning solution. Allow to dry.
  • APPLY OIL: Apply oil with an applicator, roller or large brush. If your deck is in good condition, one coat will do. If your timber deck is showing signs of any deterioration, two coats and even a third coat is an excellent idea.
  • Expect more steps? Well, there aren’t. Re-oiling a timber deck is quick and easy.

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How to re-oil a timber deck? It may surprise you how quick and easy it is to do.