When homeowners in Busselton and surrounds contact Outside Concepts for outdoor blinds, many are surprised by the options that are available. Options that will ensure the blinds you get installed on your home match your style, décor and above all, provide absolute comfort.

In this blog, we’ll look at some of the main options, including an opening and closing option that we reckon is the best invention since the zipper!

Outdoor blinds – options for Busselton homes

  • One of the key choices is the size of your outdoor blinds. This is usually dictated by the size of the opening for an outdoor area, or the size of your window. Don’t worry, when you choose Outside Concepts in Busselton, we’ll expertly measure to ensure your blinds fit perfectly.
  • These days there are a lot of different materials you can choose for your outside blinds. These include PVC, fabric, block out and acrylic canvas. Fabrics are particularly popular, as they are lightweight, easy to clean and provide excellent insulation qualities. You can even choose fabrics that allow you to see out, while preventing those on the outside from seeing in.
  • Many of the materials come in a range of shades and colours. This allows you, the Busselton homeowner, to choose a colour to match or complement the colours used in your home.
  • Another key option is the operating mechanism. Remember the old PVC blinds that you used to roll up and down by hand? Forget that! These days there are a variety of operating systems to make opening and closing your Busselton outdoor blinds a lot easier.

Get on track with Ziptrak® blinds

One of the most popular choices for homeowners in the Busselton area when it comes to operating systems is Ziptrak®. This is a track-guided blind system that is Australian made, owned and invented.

The tracks are firmly mounted to the wall, creating a shielded enclosure, preventing the entry of dust, dirt, and insects while eliminating flapping in the wind. With no visible cords or ropes, this sealed system regulates temperature, trapping warmth in winter and keeping heat out during summer.

Opening and closing your blinds is done either manually or via remote for motorised versions. As well as being much easier to operate, another advantage of this system is that the blinds can be lowered or raised to whatever height you want. This gives you complete control over the elements.

Where can you buy Ziptrak® outdoor blinds in Busselton?

From Outside Concepts of course. We source our blinds – including the Ziptrak® blinds – from Pinz, Australia’s leading supplier of domestic and commercial blind and shade products.

Our Busselton branch managers, Nicola and Brett, will professionally measure, supply and then install your outdoor blinds.

To organise a free discussion and quote, call Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674. Alternatively, submit a contact form on Nicola and Brett’s website page.

Looking for a solution to your outdoor lifestyle? Call us now for a free quote on 1800 601 674.

When it comes to choosing your Busselton outdoor blinds, there are many options to consider, including size, colour, operating system and the material.
When it comes to choosing your Busselton outdoor blinds, there are many options to consider, including size, colour, operating system and the material.