The brighter mornings may be great for those who like to get out of bed early, but for those of us who like to sleep in a little, keeping the light out of our bedrooms can be tricky. Block-out blinds certainly help, but there always seems to be a gap to let a crack of sunlight to enter. So, if you’re keen to let the light (plus heat and noise) out of your Melbourne home, roller shutters are the answer.

Here are 7 reasons why roller shutters in Melbourne are a good investment:

  1. Enjoy a dark bedroom, even when the sun rises early in the day. Roller shutters are great at keeping the light out of bedrooms.
  2. Today’s roller shutters look great. Yes, you’d be hard-pressed to say that about older-style roller shutters but today’s modern roller shutters are different. Outside Concepts’ roller shutters have smaller pelmets (the section at the top) and are available in 14 different colours.
  3. Melbourne gets hot in summer and glazing is commonly the number one culprit for letting heat into your home. The outside of the roller shutter deflects the sun’s heat while the inner features a high-density core that’s a great insulator. The result is that today’s roller shutters prevent up to 90% of heat from entering your home, making it more comfortable and cheaper to cool.
  4. Outside Concepts’ roller shutters are also great for winter, as the insulating, high-density core keeps heat in and the cold out. Again, this will make your home more comfortable and reduce heating bills.
  5. Roller shutters also help to reduce noise, another great reason to install them on your bedroom windows and other rooms where noise intrusion can be an issue.
  6. Windows are a common entry point for thieves, so installing roller shutters on your Melbourne home will help beef up your home’s security.
  7. Today’s roller shutters are super easy to operate, using a wall switch, remote control or, for those who love hi-tech options, sun sensor. They can even be partially opened or closed.

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