If you’re contemplating Adelaide timber decking, one of the questions you’ll need to answer is whether to use nails or screws as the fastening device. For most of us the decision might not seem that important but it is, and the answer for the most part is a matter of quality versus budget.

The case for the nail is pretty simple. Using nails will make the process of building your Adelaide timber decking much quicker. If you have a pneumatic nail gun, it can be very quick! The problem with nails, however, is that decking boards will dry as they age. If the board is nailed down, this can lead to a squeaky deck and raised nails. If you’ve ever stubbed your toe on a raised decking nail, now you know why!

Screws do a better job of keeping decking boards in place, so there’ll be less squeaks and certainly no raised nail heads. Plus, most people agree that screws look better and lead to a cleaner deck. The negative? Depending on the decking timber chosen, you may need to pre-drill to prevent screws from breaking and decking boards from splitting. Even if you don’t need to pre-drill, screws will take a lot longer to install than nails. So, if you’re doing the job yourself, expect the project to take considerably longer if you use screws. If Outside Concepts does the job for you, it will require more labour and therefore will cost a bit more.

So which is better for my Adelaide timber decking, nails or screws?

We think screws are a better choice in the long run but if you are on a budget nails are perfectly fine. If in doubt, let us know and we’ll work out the difference for you so you can make an informed decision.

Most of all, if you are considering Adelaide timber decking, give Outside Concepts a call. We’ll provide the advice and support to make your project easy.

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Are nails or screws better for your Adelaide timber decking?