Just add water for serenity in your Sydney patio

April 23, 2015 | Outdoor living, Pergolas, Patios, Verandahs | 0 comments | Author:

To steal a line from the Aussie movie classic, The Castle, “How’s the serenity?” Because when you install a water feature under or near your Sydney patio that’s exactly what you’ll achieve.

But serenity isn’t the only reason to install a water feature. Water features also provide a great focal point and add visual charm to any outdoor living area, whether it’s a Sydney patio or verandah in Broken Hill. Imagine enjoying a coffee or cold beverage with a beautiful water feature trickling away nearby?

So if you’re thinking of adding a water feature to your Sydney patio, here are some ideas from Outside Concepts:

  • There are many different styles of water features to choose from. There are the more elaborate, such as rock formation waterfalls and large water walls, right down to a simple water pot or fountain.
  • Budget will play a part in which you choose, but also think about your house and surrounds. A bush block lends itself to a more natural feature, such as a rock spillway, while a contemporary water feature will look great in a modern backyard.
  • The space you have available under or near your Sydney patio needs to be taken into account. You might want to consult the whole family – you might like the idea of digging up the lawn to install a large rock pool but your footy-loving kids might have other ideas!
  • You can get an expert in to install a water feature or you might want to do it yourself. If going the DIY approach, you can purchase ready to install features or, if you’re feeling bold and want a more individual feature, build your own from scratch by utilising containers, piping and a water pump.
  • Make sure you consider safety. A deeper pond may need a grill installed to protect young children from drowning. And consider the placement of an electric power point for the pump.
  • Think about integrating water-friendly LED lights with your water feature, for a focal point that looks brilliant even at night.

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Adding a water feature to your Sydney patio or backyard can be a great investment in serenity and visual charm


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